With election fever kicking off, Buzzfeed held their first International #BuzzfeedBrews event on the 16th of March 2015. The live interview hosted by Buzzfeed Deputy U.K Editor Jim Waterson, introduced Prime Minister David Cameron to the live audience from Westminster in London.

Kinura installed a HD multi-camera set up for the live stream, with 3 camera operators and 1 wide shot, allowing for the audience to get a real feel for the atmosphere and witness the reactions of Mr Cameron. The stream was delivered via Buzzfeed’s LiveStream channel, with the player also embedded on their facebook feed.

The event was  streamed to audiences across the world who were treated to interesting facts about the Prime Minister, such as his favourite Game Of Thrones character (Ned Stark!) while also discussing the more serious topics of the general election and the possibility of a multi-party debate.

On the night, the live stream generated around 10,000 unique views from an international audience. An on-demand version of the event was immediately available to watch – and on day of publishing this blog post, the video now has more than 14,000 views, with comments from people all around the world.

This #BuzzfeedBrews event was of course heavily social, with tons of live updates and posts on Twitter and Facebook.

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View the full interview with the Prime Minister here

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Photo credit – Thomas Alexander Photography for BuzzFeed